Glass House II

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  You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty – Mahatma Gandhi   Here is a quick recap on a recent work I completed. This was a conceptual installation with artist books. To read more about it please follow this link: People who live in Glass Houses shouldn’t throw stones; we shouldn’t criticize others for faults we own. The glass house represents all of us and everything we keep hidden. We all remain closed books even though you may see through … Continued


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Welcome to 2017! Here we are, already half way through January 2017. Today one month ago I was officially done with all commissions and ready to take a break. Its been a month of absolute procrastination. I have not had the energy to get up early, or to even pick up a paintbrush. And did not feel ready for 2017. At some point I realized I needed to get a jump start. So today it happened.   My canvas for my first official commission was delivered. I am very excited to get started. And after visiting my favorite gallery, I … Continued

Artist’s Book – A Glance to the Past – Part 2

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  This is the second part of my two part post on artist’s books. Book 2 Have you heard the story…  Have you heard the story of the young lady who had been to see Kruger in September? ‘Well, Mr President,’ she had asked, ‘is there going to be war or not?’‘Madame I will tell you. The Transvaal is a very pretty girl.’ ‘England is her lover.’ ‘The lover has been refused several times.’ ‘Now he is going to kill her.’   Book 2 originated from a little story I came across while doing research on the Anglo Boer War. … Continued