2018 – New Year, New Challenges

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It feels like I need to say Happy New Year, but it is nearly February and I missed that boat with about 30 days! However, I hope 2018 will be a wonderful creative year for everyone. 2017 was a good year; one of discovery. Searching for more in my art, trying to find a way to express myself in different ways. It was a year to myself. Only painting what I feel like, exploring my style. 2017 started off with an art course by one of the most amazing artists and human beings, Ruth Walter. She knows what she talks about, and she planted the seed to do more, to explore more and to search for what I really want.

After a year of exploring, I feel more confident in my own methods and abilities. Ready for the new year.

2018 started off with a lovely commission of three King Proteas. They are gorgeous and waiting for the first opportunity for them to be shipped of to the UK. Currently I have been getting ready for my first exhibition this year. This will take place 10 – 11 February at Alice Art Gallery in Ruimsig. Expect new work! Proteas in all shapes and sizes. I will be there again 10 – 11 March. Looking forward to both exhibitions and seeing everybody there.

End of March I will be exhibiting with other artists at Ebotse Golf Estate as part of the Roaming Art Precinct (RAP). An event that should not be missed. Great South African artists and art all in one venue. Details will follow in March. You can expect aloes, proteas and a few new experimental landscapes.

This year I start new and refreshed. New mindset, new ideas that goes hand in hand with a newly renovated studio space. After the first three weeks of art classes, I can honestly say its been a good and needed improvement. We now have a class where I can easily fit 10 students at a time. Each with their own easel and table. Where they can focus on their own work. The space feels bigger. I also have a space in the class where I can paint.

The reason behind the renovation, was an art course I had attended in Durban at Studio3, presented by the immensely talented and inspiring artist, Dee Donaldson. This week in Durban changed quite a few things. If feels like the gears in my head shifted into a new direction. Moving beyond what I know I can do, into an experimental phase of what I want to do.  More about this life changing course next time.

One of the biggest changes was going solvent free. No more turps allowed in the studio. For the last 5 years I have been looking for ways to get rid of it without making my life too difficult. I kept thinking how these fumes could not be good for neither me nor my students. What could the long-term effects be? Well after my Durban visit, I got rid of the turps. And switched to plain and simple Sunlight Soap. It works well, cleans the brushes, and leaves the studio odour free.

Lots of new and exciting things waiting to happen.



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