Changing Growing Experimenting

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In 2017 I started to explore how to approach my art in different ways and how to use a limited palette. A few times I tried to use both my oils and charcoal in a painting. But I struggled to achieve the required results.   As artists we need to talk and share. I usually do that, even to my own demise. Its important to attend courses and try new things. We should not get stuck in doing the same thing over and over. Then I might as well go back to my ‘normal’ day job. Its because of the … Continued

2018 – New Year, New Challenges

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It feels like I need to say Happy New Year, but it is nearly February and I missed that boat with about 30 days! However, I hope 2018 will be a wonderful creative year for everyone. 2017 was a good year; one of discovery. Searching for more in my art, trying to find a way to express myself in different ways. It was a year to myself. Only painting what I feel like, exploring my style. 2017 started off with an art course by one of the most amazing artists and human beings, Ruth Walter. She knows what she talks … Continued

Colour My World Black

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“Think of what starlight  And lamplight would lack  Diamonds and fireflies  If they couldn’t lean against Black. . . .”  ― Mary O’Neill, Hailstones and Halibut Bones   While sitting at a show, exhibiting my work, I was doing a bit of reading. Currently busy with a book written by Victoria Finlay, named Colour Travels through the Paintbox. It explores the origin of colour through the ages. The show I am exhibiting at had reached that time of day where the visitors are merely pushing past to buy food and take a mid-afternoon nap. Or so it feels.   Here I am … Continued

Glass House II

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  You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty – Mahatma Gandhi   Here is a quick recap on a recent work I completed. This was a conceptual installation with artist books. To read more about it please follow this link: People who live in Glass Houses shouldn’t throw stones; we shouldn’t criticize others for faults we own. The glass house represents all of us and everything we keep hidden. We all remain closed books even though you may see through … Continued

Glass Houses I

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Glass Houses People who live in Glass Houses shouldn’t throw stones. My first conceptual art piece in 10 years. This project started out with me sitting in church, the pastor had an interesting theme /slogan for the day. And it immediately in my mind became a title for an artist book. It was different and a bit controversial. It read something like a Winning recipe for failure, who would want to know the winning recipe to fail? It’s an idea worth listening to, a book you would want to open. Later that evening I attended a talk by my all-time … Continued

An Artist’s Journey III – Beauty in the Breakdown

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As previously explained my work is all about Femininity, and emotions. See my first post here: My portraits, pretending to be themselves, read more here:     The singer Frou Frou has a song Let Go, part of the lyrics are as follows:   ‘so let go And jump in Oh well whatcha waiting for It’s all right ‘Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown (So let go) yeah let go And just get in Oh it’s so amazing here It’s all right ‘Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown’   To listen to the song, please copy and paste … Continued

An Artist’s Journey II – The ‘Pretentious’ Portraits

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“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”                                                                                              – Roald Dahl   As mentioned in my previous post my work will start to focus more on Femininity. (if you missed the previous post please follow this link    Femininity, and being a woman, me. The artist is always present in their work, as I strongly believe art is always personal.  The feelings and ideas that I associate with it. Often mixed and confused feelings. Immersed in absolute indecisiveness, I hover in a gray area. Never knowing what to do. Deciding on breakfast cereal becomes … Continued

An Artist’s Journey

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“I am part of all that I have met”, ULYSSES – Alfred, Lord Tennyson   At what point and time do you call yourself an artist? I struggle to answer that question…    I like to skip going to the doctor’s offices and self medicate, it doesn’t make me a doctor. When can I say I am an artist. The last 5 years I haven’t been able to truly call myself an artist. Yet, in the last four weeks I have never felt more scared, confused, alive, excited about art than ever before.   I am listening to new music,  I … Continued


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Welcome to 2017! Here we are, already half way through January 2017. Today one month ago I was officially done with all commissions and ready to take a break. Its been a month of absolute procrastination. I have not had the energy to get up early, or to even pick up a paintbrush. And did not feel ready for 2017. At some point I realized I needed to get a jump start. So today it happened.   My canvas for my first official commission was delivered. I am very excited to get started. And after visiting my favorite gallery, I … Continued

Artist’s Book – A Glance to the Past – Part 2

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  This is the second part of my two part post on artist’s books. Book 2 Have you heard the story…  Have you heard the story of the young lady who had been to see Kruger in September? ‘Well, Mr President,’ she had asked, ‘is there going to be war or not?’‘Madame I will tell you. The Transvaal is a very pretty girl.’ ‘England is her lover.’ ‘The lover has been refused several times.’ ‘Now he is going to kill her.’   Book 2 originated from a little story I came across while doing research on the Anglo Boer War. … Continued

Artist’s Book – A Glance to the Past – Part 1

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      From a young age I was intrigued by books, all kinds of books. The stories became alive with my imagination like no 3D movie can. I devoured books and chose their company most of the times. And still today I love to read*. And if you are wondering what this has to do with art? Well, you will find out shortly. Another thing I have always found interesting is art. This could be due to the fact that I realized I could draw better than the other kids. This inspired me to draw even more.  In the … Continued

Grade 1-3 Art Clinic 2013

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  “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up” Pablo Picasso   During the first week of the December school holiday, I had the privilege to host 5 Grade 1-3 students in an art clinic. It’s always a wonderful experience to work with young excited artists. They are full of life and ready to accept any challenge you bring before them never even considering the chance of failure. The clinic was presented over three days. Day one focused on basic drawing skills, teaching them to recognize the basic shapes in pictures … Continued

Basic Art Course

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Presented by Christelle Pretorius 31 November – 01 December 2013 I have learned that what I have not drawn, I have never really seen and that when I start drawing an ordinary thing, I realize how extraordinary it is, sheer miracle! Frederick Franck. The Zen of Seeing, 1973   The Basic Art Course developed from a need of a colleague to better understand the basic techniques of drawing. Often teachers find themselves in a position to teach a subject or after school activity that they know nothing about. The first Basic Art Course was squashed into a two and a … Continued