Changing Growing Experimenting

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In 2017 I started to explore how to approach my art in different ways and how to use a limited palette. A few times I tried to use both my oils and charcoal in a painting. But I struggled to achieve the required results.   As artists we need to talk and share. I usually do that, even to my own demise. Its important to attend courses and try new things. We should not get stuck in doing the same thing over and over. Then I might as well go back to my ‘normal’ day job. Its because of the … Continued

2018 – New Year, New Challenges

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It feels like I need to say Happy New Year, but it is nearly February and I missed that boat with about 30 days! However, I hope 2018 will be a wonderful creative year for everyone. 2017 was a good year; one of discovery. Searching for more in my art, trying to find a way to express myself in different ways. It was a year to myself. Only painting what I feel like, exploring my style. 2017 started off with an art course by one of the most amazing artists and human beings, Ruth Walter. She knows what she talks … Continued

An Artist’s Journey III – Beauty in the Breakdown

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As previously explained my work is all about Femininity, and emotions. See my first post here: My portraits, pretending to be themselves, read more here:     The singer Frou Frou has a song Let Go, part of the lyrics are as follows:   ‘so let go And jump in Oh well whatcha waiting for It’s all right ‘Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown (So let go) yeah let go And just get in Oh it’s so amazing here It’s all right ‘Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown’   To listen to the song, please copy and paste … Continued